iZotope iDrum

iZotope iDrum

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iDrum: Virtual Drum MachineiDrum turns your Mac or PC into a powerful and flexible virtual drum machine. Inspired by both vintage and modern-day hardware, iDrum was designed from the ground up to capture the same feel in software form. The result is an indispensable, easy-to-use tool that is also a blast to use. Key Features
  • Build beats for any genre with iDrum's lightning-fast step sequencer
  • Load up top-notch drum sounds from the included factory kits
  • Design your own kits by importing your own samples
  • Use iDrum as a plug-in synced to your favorite host, or as a standalone application
Beats in a heartbeatIt doesn't matter if you're a professional beat-maker or if you've never touched a drum machine before. iDrum lets you create drum patterns quickly. There's simply no faster way to build a beat on your Mac or PC. Seamless integrationiDrum runs as both a standalone native OS X and Windows application and as a plug-in for Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Ableton Live, SONAR, Cubase, and more. This means you can use iDrum to create beats from right within your favorite music software environment, perfectly synced with your arrangement. Play your partDon't feel like pushing buttons with your mouse? Prefer to bang on things instead? iDrum has you covered. Use record mode to tap out beats on an attached MIDI keyboard, or even use your QWERTY keyboard! Don't trust your own rhythm? iDrum has you covered there, too. iDrum comes with dozens of part presets, a unique feature that makes it incredibly easy to create killer beats simply by mixing and matching parts and samples, even if you've never programmed a beat in your life. Start experimenting with some of the included patterns and you'll be creating your own epic beats in no time. Samples and KitsiDrum comes with hundreds of professional drum samples arranged in nearly 200 iDrum files, each with several preset patterns programmed by some of today's best beatmakers. But these beats are just the beginning - since you can mix and match parts and samples between kits, and even load your own sound files, the possibilities for beat creation are virtually endless. Patterns and songsStore up to 99 patterns in a single iDrum file, along with all of the drum sounds you used to make your beat. Unlike standard audio loops, iDrum files are completely flexible: you can change sounds, parts, tempo, effects, anything! It's simple to create tons of variations on a simple pattern, then chain them together using iDrum's Song Mode or trigger the patterns from your favorite host sequencer. And the beat goes on... iDrum fun has only just begun. Expand your sounds and extend your reach by adding on iDrum Expansions. It's the quickest way to get your hands on even more great samples, patterns and kits for iDrum. Spice up your iDrum library with offerings from Goldbaby Productions, Sonic Specialists, and more.

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