Virtual Katy VK Premium Collection 3.0 Full License

Virtual Katy VK Premium Collection 3.0 Full License
Award Winning Sync and Conform Tool Set for Audio Post Production. VK Premium Collection audio post assistant product is designed to massively accelerate the audio post process. Used on everything from feature films to the 30-second spot, VK Premium Collection has saved countless hours and brain cells by automating painstaking tasks that kill the creative spirit and derail deadlines. VK Premium Collection 3.0 works with both Pro Tools and Nuendo!
Do you want to have the flexibility to handle virtually any type of audio-conforming project that comes your way? VK Premium Collection 3.0 can assist with just about any type of project; from the 30-second spot up to major motion pictures, with support for Cut Lists, EDLs Avid Change Notes and Cinema Tools XMLs. Designed for audio facilities that push the audio editing envelope, VK Premium Collection 3.0 ensures your audio post team has all the bells and whistles necessary to tackle any type of conform and re-sync task. Free-up valuable time and finish projects faster with the utmost creativity with this valuable tool set!  Продукт известен още и като VK Premium Collection 3 0 Full License, VKPremiumCollection30FullLicense
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