Waves 360º Surround Tools TDM

Waves 360º Surround Tools TDM

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Surround Your Mix With Waves!The Waves 360 Surround Tools plug-in bundle packs 14 of Wave's powerhouse surround-sound processing tools into one extremely affordable package. Whether it's film, video, or music, if you do any 5.1 surround mixing on a regular basis, you absolutely have to get your hands on the 360 Surround Tools bundle. Included in the 360 Surround Tools bundle are plug-ins for surround-sound compression, field manipulation, reverb processing, and sub-bass enhancement. You also get a complete toolset for Mixing down to stereo, converting stereo files into surround-sound audio, and metering in 5.1. Individually, these tools are worth thousands of dollars. All together, the Waves 360 Surround Tools bundle is a simply phenomenal deal!Waves 360 Surround Tools Plug-in Bundle Includes:
  • C360 Surround Compressor: State-of-the-art soft-knee compression designed specifically for high-resolution surround mixes
  • L360 Surround Limiter: Multi-channel brickwall peak limiting, dithering, and noise shaping based on the legendary Waves L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers
  • LFE360 Lowpass Filter: LFE channel enhancement plug-in that lets you add earth-shaking bass to your surround mixes
  • IDR360 Surround Bit Re-Quantizer: Psycho-acoustic dithering and noise shaping that maintains clarity and resolution as you reduce your bit depth
  • R360 Surround Reverb: 6-channel super-realistic reverb plug-in based on the Waves Renaissance Reverb
  • M360 Surround Mixdown: Provides clean and accurate mixdown options for Mono (ITU), Stereo (ITU), Stereo (ITU-3dB surrounds), Stereo (Wide), LCR (ITU), LCR (ITU S-3dB), LCR (Wide), LCRS (ITU), LCRS (ITU S-3dB), and 5.0 formats
  • M360 Surround Manager: Comprehensive surround-mix controller that lets you make subtle yet important adjustments to your mix
  • S360 Surround Imager: Gives you absolute control over your surround spread
  • S360 Surround Panner: Provides precise manipulation of imaging, distance panning, and spatial enhancement for tracks in surround sound mixes
  • MV360 Dual-function Dynamics Processor: Gives you six channels of low-level and high-level compression, as well as nine versatile Link Modes for controlling your dymanics
  • UM225 and UM226 Stereo-to-surround Processors: Two amazing tools for converting stereo content into surround-ready audio
  • Dorrough Meter Collection: A comprehensive toolset for measuring the perceived loudness of your mix (includes both stereo and surround versions)
  • LoAir Subharmonic Generator: Lets you generate sub bass, filter low frequencies, process polyphonic content, ands create LFE tracks from stereo or 5.0 sources
Waves 360 Surround Tools Plug-in Bundle Features:
  • A complete toolset for porcessing, mixing, and enhancing your surround-sound mixes
  • A must-have plug-in bundle for anyone working in video or film post production, or creating 5.1 surround mixes for music
  • Includes 14 of Waves' most powerful surround-sound plug-ins
  • All plug-ins available in TDM, RTAS, VST, and AU formats
  • Mac and PC compatible
Продукт известен още и като 360 º Surround Tools TDM, 360ºSurroundToolsTDM

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