Waves Broadcast & Production TDM

Waves Broadcast & Production TDM

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A Must Have For Production Houses!Featuring Waves critically acclaimed Renaissance Maxx, Masters, and Restoration processors, this bundle includes limiters, compressors, EQ's, filters, noise removal, reverb, bass enhancement, de-essing & voice processing. You will be able to clean up audio, get killer voice overs, easily create both common and signature audio effects, fatten the sound, have the best level control available, and create superior feeds & mixes. These are the world-class standard processors used in Hollywood and in audio and music production the world over. Rich SoundRenaissance Maxx includes Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance Reverberator, Renaissance Bass, Renaissance VOX, Renaissance De-Esser, and the new ultimate channel processor, Renaissance Channel, These award-winning components offer the ultimate tools for audio sweetening and control of recorded material. Clean Up Your SoundRestoration includes X-Noise, X-Click, X-Hum, and X-Crackle, offering a powerful (and largely self-explanatory) group of noise cleaning and removal tools. Final MasteringMasters includes innovative Linear Phase EQ and 5-band Multi-band dynamics processor , plus the L2, offering tools ideal for precision content preparation for transmission and broadcast dynamics control  Продукт известен още и като Broadcast Production TDM, BroadcastProductionTDM

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