Waves CLA Classic Compressors Native

Waves CLA Classic Compressors Native

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Use Chris Lord-Alge's Production Tools and Shine Your MixesA stellar collection from Chris Lord-Alge and Waves! You hear Chris Lord-Alge's work practically anytime you turn on a radio, and now, you can use some of his favorite tools of the trade - complete with many of his personal presets! CLA Classic Compressors gives you a batch of amazing compressors and leveling amplifiers modeled on studio classics from the '60s and '70s, with the added control and flexibility of modern plug-ins. Don't compromise with humdrum plug-ins when you can use a real hitmaker's tools to get your own great sounds!

You get two amazing compressors plus two versions of an outstanding leveling amp in the CLA Classic Compressors bundle. Want the smooth, vintage-style character of a tube compressor? Put on the CLA-2. It sounds like a classic from the mid '60s, and it'll work wonders on your material. If you prefer faster response and transparency, then the CLA-3 is your ticket. Based on an early '70s solid-state compressor, the CLA-3 works great on all kinds of instruments and vocals.  

When it's time to rein in transients and pump up the volume, put on the CLA-76 Blacky & Bluey. You won't find a better model of a classic '60s limiting amp, and Waves went one better - they made two distinct variations for CLA Classic Compressors! You get a fast attack, incredible character, and even modeled preamp distortion, for that magical "it" sound that made the hits simply pop out of the radio speakers. Big drums? You've got 'em. Waves included an "ALL" control that recreates the original's "all buttons in" setting, for that amazing over-the-top effect.  Waves CLA Classic Compressors Native Plug-in Bundle Features at a Glance:
  • Classic electro-optical tube compressor (CLA-2) and transistor-based compressor (CLA-3) models
  • Two versions of a classic mid-'60s limiting amplifier (CLA-76 Blacky & Bluey)
  • Includes many of Chris Lord-Alge's personal presets
  • Compressor and Limiter modes on CLA-2A and CLA-3A
  • Zero latency
  • Sidechain frequency filter on CLA-2A and CLA-3A
  • Exclusive ALL control and preamp distortion modeling on CLA-76
  • Up to 24bit/192kHz resolution
  • Mono and stereo components
  • Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
  • PC- and Mac-compatible
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