Waves CLA Signature Native

Waves CLA Signature Native

Waves CLA Signature Native

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Put That Lord-Alge Touch on Your Mixes!Want to make your mixes pop like Chris Lord-Alge's? Then you need this bundle! C. L. A. has been making mixing magic for over two decades, and you've heard his handiwork on a range of hits from top artists. Now, here's your chance to put a master's radio-ready touch on your own projects! Waves collaborated with the Grammy-winning engineer to bring you the Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection plug-in bundle. You get amazing plug-ins specally designed for drums, bass, vocals, and guitar. This collection even includes very, very cool effects and reverb plug ins that you'll go to again and again!

You'll love what the Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection does for your rhythm section! Want the punch, depth, and rock-solid bass your tracks deserve? Put the CLA Bass plug-in on your bass tracks and get that low end working. Waves and C. L. A. worked together to make the CLA Drums plug-in your secret weapon for amazing drum tracks. Presets, faders, and even a phase switch let you dial in outstanding drum sounds, while your workflow improves.  

The Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection takes full advantage of C. L. A. 's favorite settings for vocals. Now, you can put those golden touches on your own! You get a great lineup of distinctive effects and processors that make vocals stand out in the mix. Speaking of effects, Waves and C. L. A. made the CLA Effects plug-in to give you maximum bang with a minimum of effort. In addition to distortion, delay, tape phasing, and reverb effects, you can even use a special "echo throw section" to add long delays to just the words you want. Now that's impressive! 

Considering how amazing C. L. A. makes guitars sound in his mixes, it's fitting that the Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection includes a dedicated guitar plug-in. You get the guitar sounds that grace some of the hardest-punching hits out there when you use the CLA Guitars plug-in. It features three modes: Clean, Crunch, and Heavy, plus re-amping and D. I. modes for maximum flexibility. You also get color-coded presets for the perfect combinations of effects and EQ settings. And, when you want to get the best reverb possible, you now have a go-to source: CLA Unplugged. This amazing plug-in combines premium reverbs and compression for standout vocal and instrument sounds. Like the rest of the plug-ins in this Waves collection, CLA Unplugged is ridiculously easy to use. You'll spend less time tweaking and more time creating inspired results!Waves Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection Plug-in Bundle Features at a Glance:
  • Created from Chris Lord-Alge's custom processing chains
  • Presets and functions for great results and improved workflow
  • CLA Bass
  • CLA Drums
  • CLA Effects
  • CLA Vocals
  • CLA Guitars
  • CLA Unplugged
  Продукт известен още и като CLASignatureNative

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