Waves Dorrough Stereo, Mono Native

Waves Dorrough Stereo, Mono Native

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Incredibly Accurate Metering Plug-ins!The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection puts some of the most sought-after level meters into your DAW! The Dorrough Meter Collection includes plug-in models of Dorrough hardware meters, which are renowned throughout the industry for their ability to provide a very accurate and detailed sonic picture of loudness. These high-quality meters show both average and peak levels in one display - what's often been referred to as allowing you to see the "density" of the sound. You want to get the best, most natural-sounding results from your DAW, and accurate metering is critical. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today and find out what the Dorrough Meter Collection can do for you! Waves Dorrough Meter Collection Hardware Meter-modeling Plug-ins at a Glance:
  • Accurate metering made easy
  • Take control of "perceived loudness"
  • The man behind the meters
Accurate metering made easyClear and comprehensive, Dorrough Meters are renowned for their unique ability to paint a detailed picture of true loudness. That's why Dorroughs are used in more advanced production facilities than any other. Displaying both average and peak levels and in a single readout, Waves Dorrough Meters are the only meters which actually let you see the "density" of the sound. When it comes to meters, you want readability. You want musicality. And most of all, you want accuracy. The Dorrough Meter Collection gives you all of the above. Take control of "perceived loudness"Using patented technology developed to give broadcast and recording engineers a true indication of loudness as perceived by the human ear, Dorrough Loudness Monitors graphically display audio power. Because Average and Peak readings are based on a real-time waveform analysis, the degree of processing, compression, and even distortion are indicated by the relationship between the average and peak indicators. The man behind the metersDorrough Electronics designs and manufactures precision audio and video monitoring devices. For over 20 years, Dorrough has pioneered new technologies in audio signal processing and monitoring for the broadcast, motion picture, and recording industries. Founder Mike Dorrough grew up with a love for radio and an insatiable desire to understand how sound devices worked. In the early 1960s, Dorrough was working as a sound engineer when he devised a revolutionary Multi-band (or "Discriminate") Audio Processing system. By achieving optimum relationships between frequency, time, and amplitude in the complex waveform, Discriminate Audio Processing provided greater loudness with no reduction in fidelity. In 1965 one of his first Multi-Band Composite Audio Processors was installed at a popular LA radio station.

In 1971, Mike decided to set up his own factory to produce his processors, and launched Dorrough Electronics. Dorrough realized that the perceived loudness of sound is a mathematical function of time and amplitude, and the Dorrough Loudness Monitors grew directly out of the Discriminate Audio Processor. For his many contributions to world of professional audio, in 2000, Dorrough was honored with a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Waves Dorrough Meter Collection Hardware Meter-modeling Plug-ins Features:
  • Fast peak response
  • Sum and difference energies for optimal stereo-to-mono compatibility
  • Left/right phase correlation
  • Displays number of overs
  • Peak and average level relations
  • Three selectable styles: Horizontal (280D/240D), Vertical (380D/340D), and Arc (40AES/EBU)
  • Three selectable sizes: extra large, large, and small
  • Selectable reference levels
  • Switch between display sizes and styles with the click of a mouse
  • 40dB scale in 1dB steps
  • Mono and stereo components
  • Native
  • Mac/Wi n
Продукт известен още и като Dorrough Stereo Mono Native, DorroughStereoMonoNative

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