Waves IR 1 Convolution Reverb Native

Waves IR 1 Convolution Reverb Native

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Superior Reverbs And Ambiences For Any DAW User!I R-1 is a convolution reverb unlike any other: besides its pristine samples of over 60 real acoustic spaces and over 60 classic hardware devices, IR-1 also has flexible classic controls of key reverb parameters. That's right: you can edit all the traditional reverb parameters! IR-1 comes with an extensive library of samples and presets that recreate the sonic environment of over 60 carefully sampled real acoustic spaces and over 60 classic hardware devices. Totally Natural Acoustic SpacesThe attraction of Sampling or convolution based reverbs is the accurate reproduction of natural acoustic spaces. But the chief drawback of most convolution verbs is their inability to control reverb parameters in the familiar and flexible fashion offered by traditional artificial reverbs. IR-1 offers the best of both approaches without any compromises.  True Control of Reverb Parameters IR-1 is the first Convolution based reverb that allows classic parameters to actually affect the convolution, not just "filter the result" in order to produce parameter changes. Processing that Won't Kill Your CPU!The IR-1's CPU Usage Control is a special "low CPU" mode utilizing intelligent algorithms that require less CPU usage while preserving high sound quality and definition. Direct Convolution Length Control allows control over the length of the actual real-time convolution. Therefore the CPU load can be reduced if desired by using a shorter convolution length and a longer reverb time.

IR-1 supports all common audio formats, including RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, DirectX (Win), MAS (Mac), Audio Units (Mac) Waves IR-1 Features:
  • Extensive Library captured using new state of the art techniques 
  • 96 kHz - Support for high resolution
  • Reverb Time RT60 - The IR-1 uses unique Impulse Response (IR) manipulation techniques to allow shortening and lengthening (times 4) of the Reverb Time while maintaining acoustic coherence and preserving the natural envelope and frequency content.
  • Size - Controls room size and applies acoustic modeling methods on the actual ER (Early Reflections) portion to make the space smaller or larger while maintaining its signature.
  • Reverb Decay Envelope - A graph-based multiple breakpoint envelope allows unlimited options for re-shaping the reverb's decay behavior.
  • Density - Controls the space's density and applies innovative modeling methods by controlling the actual IR's reflections, resonance, and inherent randomness.
  • Resonance - Analyzes the frequency response of the impulse response (IR) and derives the room modes allowing acoustically based control of IR modal timbre.
  • Decorrelation - While not a classic reverb control, decorrelation allows greater control of the reverberation's stereo spaciousness.
  • ER/Tail/Direct Independent Control - IR-1 analyzes the IR for the early reflection/reverb tail (ER/Tail) boundary marker and allows the classic control of gain and pre-delay for each portion.  
  • Damping - Proportional to the reverb time, this control applies innovative filtering methods to control the IR's low, mid, and high frequencies separately.
  • 4-Band paragraphic EQ - A Renaissance based 4 band paragraphic EQ.
  • CPU Usage Control and Direct Convolution Length Control - Allows you to maintain CPU power.
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