Waves Multirack Native

Waves Multirack Native

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A Revolution in Live Sound Processing!Waves MultiRack is the live sound breakthrough we've all been waiting for. Finally, there's a streamlined, ultra-stable way to use your favorite plugins as live signal processors. MultiRack delivers the same power to run multiple simultaneous instances of the same, awesome native Waves plug-ins that revolutionized the studio recording world. With a laptop computer and a multi-channel audio interface, you can replace dozens of rack spaces worth of equalizers and dynamics processors just by running MultiRack. But beyond merely replacing hardware, you can also save and recall all of your processors' settings instantly with MultiRack, just as you can with any DAW.

What MultiRack offers you is access to world of the finest reverbs, equalizers, compressors, limiters, and delays without the limitations, hassles, or expense of hardware. There's no need to drag around all of the bulky cables or towering stacks of rack gear anymore! Waves designed MultiRack to be simple yet impressively powerful, allowing you the same advanced routing options as hardware, but with none of the cumbersome cabling or fumbling around in the dark for proper inputs and outputs.  

Each input and output or pairs of inputs and outputs act as a separate "rack" within Multirack. Next, you plug into your interface the same way you would plug into an effects unit or processing chain. You can have up to 64 racks, with eight effects/processors each. It's that easy! To keep things organized, you can easily group like racks. Any processing can cause latency, but you can align MultiRacks negligible latency per group. Full session and session snapshot recall with total parameter control via a single monitor make MultiRack one of the most exciting technological advancements that the live sound world had seen!Waves MultiRack Live Plug-is Audio Effects and Signal Processing Features:
  • Use your favorite waves plug-ins, live!
  • Take studio sound to the stage and back again
  • Quick and simple setup
  • A fraction of the cost of hardware
  • Simple routing: no cabling, no rack mounting, no trucking
  • Full recall, full control
  • Set and save presets and snapshots per song and song sections
  • Group similar racks together (such as all drum channels), and they will share a common group name
  • Groups are color-coded, making visual identification of similar racks much easier
  • Since software processing can cause latency, you can align the latency per group
  • Windows and Mac OS X compatible
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