Waves Oneknob Bundle Native

Waves Oneknob Bundle Native

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Focus on Your Music, Not on Your MixThe Waves OneKnob plug-in bundle redefines the phrase "easy to use" - with only one knob per effect to tweak, you won't spend a second outside of your creative zone. Waves created the OneKnob bundle to provide stellar Waves audio quality in their easiest to use format yet. The OneKnob bundle consists of seven distinct processors - Brighter, Phatter, Filter, Pressure, Louder, Driver, and Wetter. As the bundle name implies each plug-in has one single knob to tweak, but the results are amazing! There doesn't seem to be a "wrong" setting for any of these processors. With mono, stereo, and mono-stereo components, you'll be able to quickly add vibe to any type of audio.

Designed with ease of use and functionality in mind, the Waves OneKnob plug-ins give you fast access to a variety of tones without having to mess with multiple parameters. Takes the "Brighter" OneKnob plug-in for example: as you sweep the single knob you'll hear what could only be described as a wide range of bright tones. Just stop sweeping when your track is sitting in the mix, and you're good to go! In all, the OneKnob bundle includes: 
  • Brighter - great for acoustic guitar and piano, adds varying degrees of "brightness"
  • Phatter - bass enhancer, great for adding weight to any track
  • Driver - versatile distortion, from smooth overdrive all the way to sonic chaos
  • Filter - sweepable filter with multiple resonance modes
  • Louder - combines multiple dynamics processes to increase a track's loudness, up to +24dB RMS
  • Pressure - compressor suited for individual tracks as well as busses
  • Wetter - Reverb/ambience processor, with a surprisingly wide tonal range
 To achieve the level of detail and clarity found in the One Plug bundle you would normally need to combine multiple processors and manipulate banks of parameters - by taking care of all that processing "under the hood", Waves gives you back your creativity! Try out the Waves OneKnob bundle and you'll be surprised at how much more time you spend being creative instead of tweaking knobs!Waves OneKnob Bundle Native Plug-in Features at a Glance:
  • Complete suite of mix processors - RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU, Mac/PC
  • Powerful sound-shaping capabilities, previously impossible without combining multiple processors
  • Mono, stereo, and mono-stereo components
  • Single-parameter interface enables you to focus on your sound, not effects parameters
  • Equally ideal for studios and live use
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