Waves Renaissance Maxx + EZ Drummer Native

Waves Renaissance Maxx + EZ Drummer Native

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Vintage Processor Plug-ins and an Amazing Drum Sampler in One Great Bundle!The Waves Renaissance Maxx & EZdrummer bundle gives you incredible vintage processing vibe, along with an incredible multi-mic drum sampler for great tracks! The Renaissance Maxx & EZdrummer bundle includes the stellar Renaissance Maxx collection, which gives you an amazing array of reverb, channel, EQ, and dynamics processing plug-ins. These plugs apply rich vintage feel to your tracks. EZdrummer gives you an incredibly intuitive way to create great drum tracks for audio and MIDI productions. It combines a great sample library and easy-to-use multi-microphone sampler in one great plug-in. Make great tracks with the Waves Renaissance Maxx & EZdrummer bundleWaves Renaissance Maxx includes:
  • IR-L Convolution Reverb 
IR-L delivers the same great sound and impulse responses as Waves IR1, with streamlined controls for simple, efficient operation.
  • Renaissance Channel
A precision channel processor combining the best and finest EQ, compression, limiting and gating. This processor takes the concept of channel insert to the limit and beyond.
  • Renaissance EQ
The highly-praised double-precision resolution vintage EQ, featuring distinctive emulation of classic analog EQ sound.
  • Renaissance Bass
A second generation of Waves' popular MaxxBass offering a simlified interface. Achieve that warm, fat and massive low end with few adjustments and NO distortion.
  • Renaissance Reverberator
Classi c sound and vintage-style controls for the demands of everyday production. Rich reverb tails plus early reflection system gives the density and texture you deserve.
  • Renaissance Compressor
Exceptio nal compressor with vintage Opto modeling, plus the exclusive Electro Mode, and an L1-style limiter!
  • Renaissance Vox
A great compressor, limiter and gate. Increases perceived volume and stability for vocal and solo instruments. Brings vocals to the front of the mix!
  • Renaissance DeEsser
The next generation DeEsser, offering Adamptive Threshold Control, yielding more natural sounding results!
EZdrummer Features:
  • 7500 sound files at 16-bit/44.1kHz - equivalent to 5Gb of uncompressed WAV files.  
  • Same extensive layer depth on all drums and cymbals as in EZdrummer's big brother - dfh SUPERIOR.  
  • dfh EZdrummer ranges from entry level usability to pro handling
  • Features multiple microphone control
  • TPC II reduces system requirements to a minimum
  • Operates in General MIDI
  • Internal mixer allows stereo and multitrack routing into the host through one single plug in
  • Preset mix modes for quick sound changes
  • Interface visualizes the drums loaded and combines auditioning and kit construction
  • Drums recorded at Avatar Studios, New York by worldclass drummers and producers
  • Instant access to thousands of drum patterns with prelistening, quick browsing and drag'n'drop functionality.
  • The humanizer function combines drum hit randomizing and non-cycling
  • Velocity sweep allows instant changes to MIDI data, extending groove context relevance.
  • Possibilities for the user to add their own MIDI files to the library.
Продукт известен още и като Renaissance Maxx EZ Drummer Native, RenaissanceMaxxEZDrummerNative

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