Waves Video Sound Suite Native

Waves Video Sound Suite Native

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Make Your Video Sound Its Best!When you do audio for video, you need to get solid, dependable, consistent, and high-quality results. That's what the plug-ins in Waves' Video Sound Suite give you. This amazing suite includes six great Waves plug-ins, so you know you're getting an effective batch of tools that's perfect for the job at hand. The Video Sound Suite lets you reduce noise, make dialogue sound great, manipulate volume for perfect balance in any situation, change acoustics, and more. You'll love how Video Sound Suite seamlessly integrates into Avid Media Composer 5, Apple Soundtrack Pro, or Sony Vegas. This is the perfect collection of plug-in tools for video-based audio!Waves Video Sound Suite Plug-in Bundle Includes:
  • Renaissance Compressor helps keep volume levels under control, for smoother, more consistent cuts
  • W43 Noise Reduction Plugin reduces ambient noise, such as hiss, hum, traffic, wind, and air conditioning.
  • IR-L Reverb places sounds in real ambient spaces, adds atmosphere, and smooths out tight edits.  
  • Q10 Equalizer enhances frequencies, cuts lows, and adds highs so the voices cut through (also lets you zoom in and clean up problem areas) 
  • DeEsser tames sibilance, which can make voices sound harsh and distorted
  • L1 Limiter delivers louder, clearer sound to individual sources and final mixes
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