Waves Vocal Rider Native

Waves Vocal Rider Native

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Make Those Vocals Sit Perfectly in the Mix, Every Time!Want a "first-pass" way to ride the vocal fader and make those tracks sit perfectly in the mix? Then you need the Vocal Rider plug-in from Waves! It's astonishingly easy to use. All you do is put the Vocal Rider plug-in on your vocal track, bus a summed instrumental mix to the side-chain, and hit play. Then watch as Vocal Rider's fader takes over, keeping the relative volume of the vocals consistent with the volume of the rest of the mix. No more guesswork, and no more pass after pass trying to get it right. Vocal Rider puts those vocals in the mix perfectly, the first time! 

Vocal Rider works like an idealized version of a human engineer. Unlike typical compressors used to corral the vocals and keep them consistent within the mix, Vocal rider doesn't shrink the dynamic range of vocals or color them. After you've gone to the trouble of making the vocals sound as great as they possibly can, you'll definitely appreciate how Vocal Rider performs. You can even write Vocal Rider's automatic adjustments as automation, then fine-tune adjustments manually. It's one of those rare time savers that actually improves the process. If you're serious about your mixes, then you need to get this plug-in!Waves Vocal Rider Automatic Level-Riding Plug-in Features at a Glance:
  • Automatically maintains the balance between your vocals and instruments
  • Saves you time getting to results you need quickly
  • Preserves dynamics while controlling track volume
  • Writes automation for fine tuning
  • Compatible with DAWs that support RTAS, VST, or AU plug-in formats
  • Available for use on Mac and PC platforms
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