Waves Vocal Rider TDM

Waves Vocal Rider TDM

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Getting the Perfect Vocal Mix Has Never Been Easier!Waves Vocal Rider plug-in makes vocal processing easier than ever before. The name says it all! Vocal Rider is designed to simply match your vocal tracks to the rest of the mix, maintaining the relative volume throughout the song. All you do is instantiate it on your vocal track, bus a summed instrumental mix to the side-chain, and hit play. Then kick back and watch as Vocal Rider's fader takes over, keeping the relative volume of the vocals consistent with the volume of the rest of the mix. When you mix with Vocal Rider, perfection is never far away. Waves Vocal Rider Automatic Level-Riding Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Intelligent adjustment that preserves the dynamics of your music
  • Save time achieving the automation you would otherwise have to program manually
  • Writes automatic volume adjustments as tack automation for future fine tuning

Intelligent adjustment that preserves the dynamics of you musicEvery day, even the best engineers struggle to find the perfect balance between enough and too much compression. You need to use some compression, but how much? The textbook way to address this is to use just enough compression to smooth out the tone, but not so much that you crush the life out of your music. Then you take the mildly compressed audio and use automation to preserve the dynamic range. Waves knows that this takes a great deal of diligence, and sometimes even professional engineers end up cutting corners and smothering the dynamic range of their vocals. That's where Vocal Rider comes in. Unlike conventional compression, Vocal Rider doesn't reduce the dynamic range of your tracks or color them at all. This is extremely useful when you consider the further uses of Vocal Rider as a tool for leveling out ungainly instrument tracks - like bass - that become completely incoherent if compressed too much. Save time achieving the automation you would otherwise have to program manuallyDon't throw out your compressors just yet! Some compression is absolutely necessary to achieve the smooth, polished, and professional-quality vocals found in most modern music. That's why it's so important Waves made sure that Vocal Rider responds to audio, and doesn't just look at the recorded track's wave form. By "listening" to the incoming signal including those processors instantiated ahead of itself, Vocal Rider lets you add the right touch of compression before takes control of the automation. That means you don't have to commit to the amount of compression by bouncing down the vocal track before using Vocal Rider to level out the volume. And since you would need to automate your compressed (but not crushed) vocals by hand normally, Vocal Rider acts as a sort of assistant by saving you time by getting the results you need quickly. Writes automatic volume adjustments as tack automation for future fine tuningWith Vocal Rider, you get the best of both a hands-off automation tool, and the ability to fine tune the results. Unlike most dynamics plug-ins that respond to track automation, Vocal Ride writes automation. Once you have made all of the basic adjustments to your mix and you've achieved the general balance you want, you can write Vocal Rider's automatic volume adjustments as track automation. That way you can make fine adjustments by hand, giving you all of the control of conventional automation, while still benefitting from Vocal Rider's time-saving ease of use. Waves Vocal Rider Automatic Level-Riding Plug-in Features:
  • Automatically maintains the balance between you vocals and instruments
  • Saves you time getting to results you need quickly
  • Preserves dynamics while controlling track volume
  • Writes automation for fine tuning
  • Compatible with Pro Tool|HD (TDM format)
  • Available for use on Mac and PC platforms
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